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“From The Hip” (2016). 

Weighing in at 7 tracks, “From The Hip” sees The Escalators craft 5 original compositions that honour their swing, soul & reggae roots, and pay their respects on 2 jazz standards.

The studio philosophy was simple: capture the energy, & record live, with minimal cosmetic surgery. The result is a record that breathes, sounding fresh & alive. You are in the room with the band!

Lyrics cover diverse ground, with commentary on fashion (Get Hip), consumerism (Hastings Street Blues), flirting on the dance floor (Jungle Jive) & trouble in paradise (Open Fire).

Production is by the best ears in the business: Syd Green (South Coast) & Paul Pilsneniks (Byron Bay), funded by an Escape ARTfest grant & with money saved by cruising the van downhill in neutral while on tour.

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The groovacious “FELIX” (2014):

“Absolutely beautiful covers of famous songs that they have put their own jazz & soul spin on.” (Eastside Radio 89.7FM)

A concept record that set a course for the band by acknowledging their major influences: Classic songs from the 1930s to the 1960s infused with fresh flavours from all corners of their record collection. The original track “Hide & Seek” hinted that The Escalators were also harbouring some great song writing skills.

1. The Girl From Ipanema: A Brazilian beauty on a Jamaican holiday.
2. Moondance: Dark & sensual, re-dressed to kill.
3. My Favourite Things: The Von Trapp family cruise the hills of 1970s San Francisco.
4. Hide & Seek: A sweet original creation with a reggae pulse.
5. I’ve Got You Under My Skin: Cole Porter gets his groove on.
6. Summertime: An upbeat, soulful remake of the Gershwin classic.

Produced & Recorded by Syd Green (MonoNest Creative Suite) during July 2014, in a little farmhouse near the village of Robertson, NSW.

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