“From The Hip” released on Feb 1 2016

We are just back from a warm-up show in Canberra & are feeling inspired for the release of “From The Hip” and all of the shows we have lined up to share it with you.  Here is a little background on the recording:

“Weighing in at 7 tracks, “From The Hip” sees The Escalators craft 5 original compositions that honour their swing, soul & reggae roots, and pay their respects on 2 jazz standards.

The studio philosophy was simple: capture the energy, & record live with minimal cosmetic surgery.  The result breathes & sounds fresh to the last beat; the listener is in the room with the band.

Production is by the best ears in the business: Syd Green (South Coast) & Paul Pilsneniks (Byron Bay), funded by an Escape ARTfest grant & with money saved by cruising the van downhill in neutral while on tour.

Song writing covers a broad range of subject matter, with commentary on fashion (Get Hip), consumerism (Hastings Street Blues), flirting on the dance floor (Jungle Jive) & relationships (Open Fire).”

CDs will be available at gigs of course, & our new online store on this website.

Downloads will be available at Bandcamp & iTunes.

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