This info is relevant to Private Functions, Corporate Events & Weddings.

For details specific to Weddings, scroll down a little.

Admin Stuff

Payments, Cancellations, Refunds

Deposit. Yep, we need a deposit to secure the date. Usually 50%, or $600 for bookings over $1000.

Final payment. Due 1 week before your day.

Banking details for EFT payments:

Name: The Escalators

BSB: 633-000

No.: 139036859

Cancellation by us. This would only ever be a last resort if there was an illness or personal tragedy and we are unable to replace a musician(s). Every effort will be made to help you find suitable entertainment. Your deposit will be refunded immediately.

Cancellation by you.  3 months notice (or more): deposit is forfeited, sorry.

Less than 3 months notice: deposit forfeited.  Plus $500 cancellation fee, or your final payment (whichever is the least amount).  If we can re-book the date, we will only require to keep your deposit.


Technical requirements for the band

  • Power: Regular 240 volt power is fine.
  • Ceremony: single power point/ extension lead.
  • Canapès & Cocktails: single power point/ extension lead.
  • ‘Swing & Soul Revue’: 2 or more power points. Preferably on 2 separate circuits.
  • Space – Ceremony/Canapès: approx. 3m(w) x 3m(d)
  • Space – ‘Swing & Soul Revue’: ideally 5m(w) x 4m(d), but we are flexible!
  • Flooring: must be level, flat and hard, ie. Timber, concrete etc. If not, call to discuss.
  • Shelter: Music equipment is sensitive to heat, sunlight and moisture (musicians are too!). Providing shelter is something you need to organise with your venue.
  • Food/Meals: If your booking occurs across a meal time (eg. Lunch, evening meal), and it is a catered event, musicians will require ‘crew meals.’ (Your caterer will have options)
    • Please provide a 60/40 split of vegetarian/omnivore meals (Vege = no meat, no seafood, but dairy and eggs are fine)
    • The ‘Swing & Soul Revue’ includes a sound engineer for a total of 7 meals (4 veg/3 omni).

Band breaks and times

We are musicians and entertainers, not timekeepers or accountants.

We will always programme music for your event in a way that gives the best entertainment value, including making last minute adjustments to adapt on the fly.

Cocktail & Canapès sets are up to 1-hour each. For longer events we programme one 10-minute break per hour.
The ‘Swing & Soul Revue’ has 1 or 2 ‘sets’ of 45 minutes each.
A typical break in between sets is approx. 15-20 minutes.

When will the band arrive?

Ceremonies & Canapès: 1 to 1.5 hours prior to guests.

‘Swing & Soul Revue’: 2.5 hours prior to guests.

Wedding Details


Choosing songs for your Ceremony

We are happy to prepare one special request for you.
For your other songs please chose from our repertoire, or negotiate with the band.

It is customary to have music for 3 key moments.


  • A.K.A walking down the aisle
  • Visualise ‘the walk’ and the pace of it and see if the song would be a good soundtrack.
  • All the attention is on the bridal party so this is not the time for pyrotechnics.
  • An ultra-traditional choice would be ‘Pachelbel’s Canon in D’.  For something more modern try ‘Come Awy With Me’ by Norah Jones.

Signing the Register

  • The hard work is done, guests are chatting amongst themselves.
  • Something romantic, of course.
  • We like ‘Songbird’ by Fleetwood Mac or ‘At Last’ by Etta James. For something more modern try ‘The Wedding Song’ By Angus & Julia Stone


  • Either walking back down the aisle arm in arm, or being swarmed by family and friends.
  • Something up-beat and celebratory.
  • We like ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Julie London.

Should we have music before the ceremony?

  • There is enough atmosphere and anticipation already.
  • The quietness and stillness is a chance for people to reflect.
  • If the first music guests here is The Processional it only gives that moment more impact.
  • Feel free to ignore this advice 🙂


M.C & Speeches

  • Ask your M.C to introduce themselves to the band prior to the reception.
  • If your venue does not have a wireless microphone, we can organise that at a fee of $55. A mic stand is provided.
  • We do not provide a lectern, sorry.

Your Wedding Dance

Choosing the song for your Wedding Dance is a very personal thing – we will leave that up to you.

Can the band play it live?

We would love to! As musicians it is a privilege to be able to be able to do that. The band has prepared songs by a wide array of artists.

The only time we would shy away from playing your song is if we are not satisfied that we can do the song justice. If it is a song of stadium shuddering riffs, orchestral strings, a 100 member choir & a wailing sitar solo, we might struggle to capture all of that.

If we have any doubts we will call you to discuss it.

Would it be better to have the original recording?

Are you are attached to the song, or to a favourite recording of the song? There is no right or wrong answer. It is worth considering.
The ‘song’= the words, the melody, the mood, the emotion.
The ‘recording’= exactly how it sounds on your favourite version.

If The Escalators are playing your song, it will sound like The Escalators playing your song!

We will capture the mood & the feeling, & the tempo for dancing. And we will invest our own musicianship & commitment.

If you are not sure, please call us!

Your playlists and recorded music

Connecting my iPod/phone/laptop to your system.

  • Relax. It’s easy. We have a cable so we can use the headphone connection.

Bringing the music on the day.

  • Do not email them to us….please.
  • Bring them on an iPod/phone or similar.
  • Clearly label the playlists starting with the word wedding ‘Wedding,’ e.g. Wedding 1st dance, Wedding entrance, Wedding dinner music.

We do not provide a CD player! Or a record player. Or a gramophone.
Ask someone you trust to give your mp3 device to the M.C.

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